KALAMAZOO K20E Enclosed Wet Abrasive Saw

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KALAMAZOO K20E Enclosed Wet Abrasive Saw

  • Made in USA
  • Totally enclosed cabinet.
  • mag. starter
  • V-belt drive
  • Sealed ball bearings.
  • Air chain vise
  • 1″ spindle arbor
  • Dual coolant hoses.
  • Internal light.
  • Front and side access doors.
  • Semi-automatic: saw head returns at end of cut.
  • Manual stock feed.
  • Great for met labs!
  • Air over oil precises downfeed, 0-12 FPM feedrate.
  • Adjustable down stop limits depth of cut.
  • Uses wet cutting abrasive wheel, not included.
ITEM: 20″ Enclosed Wet Abrasive Saw
MODEL: K20E-15 / K20E-20

Item/Model: KALAMAZOO K20E-15 / K20E-20

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Weight 800 lbs


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