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DoALL 20 x 13 inch Vertical Contour Saw 2013-V3

  • Machine Capacity: 20″ x 13″ (508mm x 330mm)
  • Production Level: Low
  • Standard features: Work Light, Chip Blower, Tilt Table and Post Elevating Hand Wheel
  • The DoALL 2013-V3 vertical contour band saw comes standard with a 3 Hp variable frequency drive motor and a w 20″ x w 13″ (508mm x 330mm) tilting table for added flexibility.
  • Fabrication shops, automotive shops, metalworkers and applications requiring the ability to perform contoured cuts on a wide variety of materials choose DoALL 2013-Series vertical band saws to get the job done. They are tough and dependable, with a service life of well over 10 years (when properly maintained).
  • The DoALL 2013-V3 can be customized to meet your specific needs, with features such as an air glide table for seamless cuts and blade welders to quickly size and mend band saw blades.
  • Column Mounted Controls-Column mounted controls give the operator easy access to band start and blade speed insuring their hands are away from the blade at band start.
  • Variable Frequency Band Drive-Band drive is comprised of a electric variable frequency drive controlled motor transferring power thru our time honored, gear driven, 2 speed transmission giving maximum torque to the tooth tips of the sawblade reducing band stall and tooth strippage.
  • Post Elevating Handwheel-Easy to operate post elevating handwheel allows the operator to keep the upper saw guide block as close to the top of the material being cut without getting their hands close to the blade during adjustment. Proper positioning minimizes the possibility of band deflection increasing band life and safety.
  • Bandwheels-Cast aluminum, crowned bandwheels, are supplied with rubber tires to minimize wheel wear and insure proper band tracking. The tires allow for minimum damage to the set of your saw band.
  • Manual Band Tension-Proper blade tension is manually set to a factory installed indicator which covers all widths of saw bands. This indicator will prevent the possibility of over/under tightening of the sawband for maximum cutting rates and extended band life.
  • Wheel Brush-A strategically mounted replaceable nylon wheel brush cleans the surface of the lower wheel minimizing damage to the lower wheel tire by reducing any chip buildup which may cause improper blade tracking.
  • Saw Guide-Machine is equipped with one set of DoALL invented chevron type saw guide blocks and inserts which will handle 1/8-1/2” sawbands. These will allow proper support to the side and back of the band minimizing deflection due to overfeed conditions.
  • Safety Systems-A unique transmission lock out system prevents shifting between high and low speed while the band is running. Preventing gear stripping and shiftfork damage. Band door interlocks prevents the starting of the saw band while the doors are open. They will also stop the band drive if the doors open during operation which protects the operator from being exposed to a moving band.
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty available (DoALL Cut Above Warranty).


  • Table tilt to 45 degrees negative – 10 degrees positive.
  • 20″ Aluminum bandwheels with crowned rubber tires.
  • Upper wheel adjustment 3″
  • Operator controls mounted on column.
  • One set of high speed, insert type guide blocks for bands 1/8″ to 1/2″
  • One set of steel guide inserts for bands 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
  • Band wheel brush
  • Variable frequency band drive.
  • Work light
  • Manual band tension with indicator.
  • Post elevating hand wheel.
  • Chip box
  • Chip blower (plant air required)
  • Saw blade guards.
  • Band door interlocks.
  • Operation and parts manuals on USB stick.
  • Recommended job selector
  • One (1) complimentary DoALL Bi Metal saw blade.
  • Insert setting gages with wrench and trunnion wrench
ITEM: 20″ Vertical Contour Saw
MODEL: 2013-V3

Item/Model: DoALL 2013-V3

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