POWERMATIC PM2000 Tablesaw 5HP 3PH 230/460V 30″ Accu-Fence System PM9-PM25330K


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POWERMATIC PM2000, 10″ Tablesaw, 5HP 3PH 230/460V, 30″ Accu-Fence System PM9-PM25330K

The award winning PM2000 table saw sets a new standard for innovation with an array of patented features and massive body design. It boasts the heaviest cast iron base in its class that virtually eliminates table vibration. The cast iron tables are oversized, and the push button arbor lock is accessible from above the table top to eliminate the need for dual arbor wrenches. The quick-release riving knife design helps reduce the chance of kickback. The blade tilt scale has adjustable angle indicators for repetitive bevel cuts. Built-in retractable omni-directional caster system mobilizes your table saw. A wide stance, heavy-duty trunnion and concave teeth on the trunnion gears promote easier raising and tilting of saw blade. Poly-V drive belt system results in quieter, more efficient power transfer from the motor to the arbor with virtually no vibration and less heat build up. Built-in dust collection port with sloped cabinet floor and convenient access to the inside of the saw cabinet make for simple clean-up. The saw has a proprietary safety switch with magnetic interlock, and the stop button can be knee activated.

ITEM: 10″ Tablesaw, 5HP 3PH 230/460V, 30″ Accu-Fence System
PART# PM9-PM25330K

Item/Model: POWERMATIC PM2000: PM9-PM25330K



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