VICTOR 2063DCM Digital Control Mill

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VICTOR 20 x 63 inch Digital Control Mill 2063DCM

  • A highly reliability 3-axis Vertical Machining Center with advanced digital servo technology, user friendly operation and simple operation programming support tool.
  • Fanuc Oi-MD CNC controller
  • Main machine body is made from rugged Meehanite casting for excellent vibration damping and heavy workloads
  • Heavy duty box way construction
  • Double wall working table and rigid saddle structure provide unsurpassed rigidity
  • Both side of the saddle are coated with TURCITE B for smooth traversing, reducing friction and wear resistance
  • The saddle, slideway and table are hardened and precision ground to ensure long life
  • Automatic lubrication system for all ballscrews and sliding ways to keep high precision of the machine – X and Y axes with 20 lube points and Z-axis with 13 lube points
  • X and Y axes slideway and ballscrew are protected by telescopic steel shield to keep chips out
  • Z-axis ballscrew is covered by conical spring cover to protect against chips and dust
  • High accuracy C-5 grade ballscrews on X, Y and Z axes to ensure backlash-free transmission
  • High rigidity one-piece CNC spindle head
  • Precision P4 spindle bearing
  • Counter balanced spindle head
  • Built-in coolant system
  • Optional 20 tools carousel type or 24 tools arm type automatic tool changer (ATC)


  • Servo spindle motor
  • One remote pendant handwheel
  • Table chip guard with dual sliding doors
  • Bottom coolant and chip tray
  • Dual rear splash shields
  • Telescopic steel way covers on X and Y axes
  • Conical spring cover on Z-axis ballscrew
  • Air power drawbar
  • Halogen work light
  • Built-in auto lubrication system
  • Built-in flood coolant system
ITEM: 20″ x 63″ Digital Control Mill

Item/Model: VICTOR® 2063DCM

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Victor has been providing quality machine tools for metalworking industries since 1976. Our product line includes manual lathes, vertical mills, surface grinders, tool & cutter grinders, radial drills, horizontal bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, CNC lathes and vertical machining centers.