SCOTCHMAN CPO 275 PKPD Semi-Automatic Circular Cold Saw with Pnematic Power Down Feed

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SCOTCHMAN 10-3/4 inch Semi-Automatic Circular Cold Saw with Pneumatic Power Down Feed CPO 275 PKPD

  • Scotchman’s CPO 275 PKPD is a semi-automatic circular cold saw that has a pneumatic power down feed with electric controls and an emergency stop button. It is equipped with a a double self-centering, air-operated material vise to ensure safe, accurate, fast and efficient cuts. The CPO 275’s 10 3/4″ high-speed blade can Miter 90 degrees or 45 degrees to the left or right with a few quick and simple adjustments, and the built-in Miter Locking Device provides a quick, accurate measurement for every cut.
  • Like all Scotchman cold saws, the CPO 275 PKPD provides a burr-free, spark-free cut and is accurate within .002/inch.
  • Featuring two cutting speeds (LT 30/60 rpm or HT 60/120 rpm), the CPO 275 PKPD also comes with a seven-gallon coolant tank and one gallon of concentrated coolant. If you are looking for a cold saw for sale, the CPO 275 PKPD can meet all of your shop’s needs. Pair it with a Scotchman Automation system to automate the measuring process; simply enter the desired length on the touchscreen and the stop will automatically move to the correct length. Scotchman cold saws, which are Made in the U.S.A., come standard with a three-year warranty (parts only).
  • LT (Low Turn): designed for solid mild steel solid stainless steel & thick wall pipe
  • HT (High Turn): designed for thin wall tube .060 wall thickness or thinner and non-ferrous material
  • SS (Single Speed): designed for 220v 1ph applications
  • Semi-Automatic Cycle
  • Air Operated Double Self-Centering Vise Assures Burr-Free Cuts
  • Pneumatic Power Down Feed with Electric Controls
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Miter Capabilities 45 degrees Left and 45 degrees Right
  • Capable of Slotting
  • Two Cutting Speeds (LT 30/60 rpm Or HT 60/120 rmp)
  • Hardened and Ground Worm and Wheel Gear Box
  • Worm Wheel of Top Quality Bronze
  • Chip Drawer
  • 7 Gallon Coolant Tank with Pump
  • One 10″ Diameter (250 mm) HSS Blade
  • One Blade Wrench
  • One Gallon Concentrated Coolant
  • 230 or 460 Volt/3 Phase Electrics (must specify voltage)
  • Made in USA
ITEM: 10-3/4″ Semi-Automatic Ferrous Cold Saw


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Scotchman Metal Fabicating Solutions sells 13 models of American-made hydraulic ironworkers; cold saws, pipe notchers, hydraulic presses and measuring tools.