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DoALL Miter Cutting Saw 400S

  • Machine Capacity: w 16″ x h 10″ (406mm x 254mm)
  • Round Capacity Tube: 10.75″ (273mm)
  • Production Level: Low
  • The DoALL 400S general purpose band saw is part of the StructurALL family of horizontal metal cutting scissor saws. Swiveling 45 degrees, it’s the ideal machine for the small to medium fabricator or machine shop, looking to make extremely accurate (straight or miter) cuts in smaller quantities.
  • The 400S features a 16″ (406mm) high x 10″ (254mm) wide capacity of rectangles and 10.75″ (273mm) rounds. This 400S manual machine can be equipped with a variety of options to further ease operation, such as pneumatic head-lift and pneumatic vise attachments.
  • We’re proud to produce the DoALL 400S at our corporate headquarters in Minnesota. Each machine is hand-assembled by our local team and features high-durability plate steel and TIG welds.
  • The 400S Structural Bandsaw from DoALL Saw Products is a versatile metal cutting saw ideal for small to medium-sized shops. Part of our StructurALL collection, this horizontal metal cutting saw promises accurate straight and miter cuts every time. If you’re a fabricator searching for the perfect machine for precise cuts in smaller quantities, the DoALL 400s are what you need.
  • This manual bandsaw machine can cut up to 16-inch (406 millimeters) high by 10-inch (254 millimeters) wide rectangles and 10.75-inch (273 millimeters) round tubes. You can equip the bandsaw with add-ons such as a pneumatic head-lift or vise attachments.
  • We produce every 400S Structural Bandsaw at our Minnesota headquarters to ensure they meet our safety and quality standards. Our experienced technicians and manufacturers assemble each machine by hand with durable TIG welds and tough plate steel.
  • The 400S is a structural bandsaw that’s suitable for low production levels typical for small to medium-sized machine shops. The standard features in this model include:
    • Variable pulley speeds: Enjoy adjustable blade speed control with an easy-to-use handwheel. Controlling the speed of your bandsaw extends the blade’s life while reducing the noise levels in your shop. You can also change the belt position on step pulleys without shutting down the machine.
    • Operator control console: An independent console increases shop safety by allowing the operator to place the console where they’re comfortable. The operator can ensure their hands are away from the blades as the machine starts.
    • Rapid 3-position and mitering saw head: Easily alternate between straight and miter cuts to enjoy a range of precise cuts every time.


  • Swivel head to 45 degrees
  • Fine adjustment head feed control
  • Movable control console
  • Rapid head down approach
  • Spring loaded, zero clearance, coolant through, carbide faced saw guide inserts
  • Quick action rack and pawl vise system w/Acme Thread
  • Gear driven band cleaning brushes
  • Infinity variable pulley band speed
  • Heavy duty counter balance spring
  • Flange backing band wheels
  • Manual band tension
  • Recirculating coolant system
  • Discharge tray
  • Replaceable steel wear plates on bed
  • Saw blade guards
  • Band door interlocks
  • Operation and parts manuals on USB stick
  • Recommended band speed chart
  • One (1) complimentary DoALL Bi Metal saw blade
  • Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids package
ITEM: 10-3/4″ Miter Cutting Saw

Item/Model: DoALL 400S

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