Saws Automatic Non Miter High Speed Circular Saw CT350 A-NC NM

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Saws 14″ Automatic Non Miter High Speed Circular Saw CT350 A-NC NM

  • The CT 350 A-NC family is high speed circular sawing machines designed for high production rates of aluminum extrusions, small aluminum solids, and other non-ferrous materials. A carbide tipped sawblade and spray mist coolant routinely yield rms 50 quality cuts. Double vising provides safety and quality.
  • Compound manual mitering up to 45 degrees
  • Feeder length 20″ , multiple indexes
  • Feeder is faster than standard machine
  • Scrap end 2″ on non mitering
  • Single speed motor (3600rpm)
  • Easy setup
  • Feeder accuracy +/- 0.005″ per index
  • Job memory
  • 3′ conveyor section on infeed side
  • Optional Chip Vac – 1100CFM designed to collect upto 85% of chips.
  • Double suction points
  • Capacities shown are max envelope. Each individual cutting job must be considered with regards to type and shape of material, and quantity of pieces per day.


  • One Carbide tipped saw blade
  • Low voltage control
  • TEFC 3 phase drive motor
  • Spray Mist Coolant System
  • Full Blade Guarding
  • Operators Manual Parts List/Schematics
  • Tool kit
  • Top Clamp
ITEM: 14″ Automatic Non Miter High Speed Circular Saw

Item/Model: Saws CT350 A-NC NM

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Weight 1600 lbs


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KMT Saw offers a broad range of metal cutting mitering bandsaws to 50”, circular cold saws to 14" including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models for ferrous cutting applications, high speed circular saws to 14".
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