KALAMAZOO K12-14V Abrasive Saw Chop Saw and Vacuum Base

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KALAMAZOO K12-14V 14 Inch abrasive saw chop saw & vacuum base

  • Models mounted on DCV-6 dust collector/vacuum.
  • 400 CFM with hood.
  • Dust collector has replaceable filter element.
  • Manual switch on saw and dust collector.
  • Uses 12″ or 14″ abrasive wheels.
ITEM: 12″ – 14″ Abrasive Saws with Dust Collector


MODEL: K12-14V-1 / K12-14V-3

Item/Model: KALAMAZOO K12-14V-1 / K12-14V-3

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Weight 525 lbs


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