JET HBS-1220-DC Semi-Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw JT9-413400


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JET HBS-1220-DC 12 x 20 inch Semi-Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw JT9-413400

  • JET’s Dual Column Bandsaw is great for cutting large parts while keeping the blade as straight as possible while the head is descending during the cut.
  • Blade tension gauge helps to ensure the blade is in the correct cutting position
  • Built-in, self-propelled blade brush prevents chip build up in blade guides
  • Coolant is distributed through the blade guides through an integrated coolant system
  • Heavy duty construction reduces vibration and deflection
  • Motor designed for continuous operation
  • Powerful gearbox for long life
  • Two column design for more productive cutting
ITEM: 12″ x 20″ Semi-Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw
PART# JT9-413400

Item/Model: JET JT9-413400

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