HE&M H105A-4 Horizontal Pivot Bandsaw

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HE&M 14 inch Horizontal Pivot Bandsaw H105A-4

  • The H105A-4 model includes a 7½ HP motor and a 1¼” blade with a 24” stroke bar-feed that will index up to 4 times cutting up to 999 parts of the same length. This scissor style saw is perfect for cutting small solids and shapes.
  • Easy View Console – All Function Control
  • 24″ Solid Discharge Table – Bolts to Saw
  • Vise – Adjustable Main & Feed
  • Adjustable Clamping Force
  • Vertical Alignment Roller on Bar-Feed
  • 2 Hold Down Fixtures
  • Manual Adjustable Guide Arm
  • Passive “Cut Watcher” System
  • Variable Blade Speed w/ LED Readout
  • Carbide Blade Guides
  • Manual Blade Tension
  • Adjustable Feed Rate
  • Adjustable Cutting Pressure
  • Coolant System – Flood w/ Wash-Down Hose
  • Blade Brush
  • Broken Blade Function
  • Out-of-Stock Function
  • Safety Guards
  • 220V/3PH or 440V/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement – This is Not a Dual Voltage Machine
  • 85 PSI, 4-6 CFM Minimum Air Requirement (Equipped w/ Air Filter/Lubricator)
ITEM: 14″ Horizontal Pivot Bandsaw
PART# H105A-4

Item/Model: HEM H105A-4

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Weight 2000 lbs



HE&M Saws offer more than 70 different models of production band saws for the metalworking industry including vertical, horizontal, plate and double column saws with capacities ranging from 12" x 12" to 60" x 60".
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