HE&M 320BSA Semi-Automatic Double Miter Bandsaw

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HE&M 10.8 inch Semi-Automatic Double Miter Bandsaw

  • The 320 BSA is a double-mitering band saw cutting 45ᵒin both directions, up to 60ᵒ left miter. The control is connected by a 40” umbilical cord and blade speed adjusts approximately 39 to 320 SFPM. The arm height is set by pressing a button on the control.


  • Dual 45° Miter
  • One-Way 60° Miter
  • Control Console – Moveable w/ 40″ Umbilical
  • Patented Hydraulic System
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Adjustable Feed Rate & Cutting Pressure
  • Vise – Hydraulic Adjustable
  • Rugged 3/16″ Steel Base
  • Miter Scale
  • Blade Speed & Height Set from Control Panel
  • Part Counter on Control Panel
  • Heavy-Duty Sealed Pivot Bearing Point
  • Full Capacity Cutting Surface
  • Guide Arm – Manual Adjustment
  • Hard-Stop Measuring Device
  • Emergency Stop
  • Coolant System – Flood
  • Large Chip Container
ITEM: 10.8″ Semi-Automatic Double Miter Bandsaw

Item/Model: HEM 320BSA

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Weight 1500 lbs



HE&M Saws offer more than 70 different models of production band saws for the metalworking industry including vertical, horizontal, plate and double column saws with capacities ranging from 12" x 12" to 60" x 60".
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