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DOALL 27″ Production Bandsaw DC-700NC

  • Machine Capacity: w 31″ x h 27” (800mm x 700mm)
  • Machine Capacity Round: 27″ (700mm)
  • Production Level: High
  • Standard Features: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for All Machine Functions, Hydraulic Indexing and Vices with Variable Vise Pressure Control
  • The DC-700NC Continental Series™ band saw from DoALL is the industry benchmark in automated production for automotive and heavy duty machinery parts.
  • Streamline production and improve operational efficiencies with a variety of standard equipment, as well as optional extras to custom tailor your next band saw machine to exactly what you require. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Touch Screen Control: Easy operator input. 20 Job storage with batching capabilities. Control is multi-lingual for today’s workforce. Will display an error message when an incorrect entry is made. Easy switching between imperial or metric units.
  • High-Efficiency Transmission: High-efficiency worm gear box built to decrease wear and transmit full torque to the saw blade. Double wide “V” belt to avoid slipping, transmitting full motor power to the transmission.
  • Hydraulic Chip Conveyor: Adjustable speed auger style conveyor allows for coolant drain from chips before extraction.
  • Coolant Thru Carbide Faced Saw Guide Inserts: Supplies coolant to the blade evenly before and after the cut creating straighter cuts and allowing longer blade life due to coolant being supplied at the tooth tip.
  • Efficiently Designed Hydraulic System: Engineered low-pressure system allows for a smoother and quieter operation which aids in longer component life and easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Band Wheels: 30 Degree lay back head design minimizes band twist which causes band fatigue and also allows a smaller foot print. Flange cast steel wheels insure band tracking to prevent tooth set lost.
  • Underslung Indexer System: Reduces friction when indexing heavier or rough surface material by the use of rollers allowing for smoother material movements.
  • Movable Saw Guide Arm: Electrical driven movable guide arm with hydraulic lock system aids the operator in the placement of the arm close to the cut minimizes blade deflection
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension: Eliminates possible error of over/under tightening the band for maximum cutting rates and band life.
  • Back-up Bearing/Inserts: Supports the back of the saw band allowing the creation of band preload which aids in reducing vibration while cutting and increasing blade life.
  • Retractable Shuttle Type Index Vise: Both jaws retract when the vise is opened to accommodate the movement of crooked stock increasing accuracy and repeatability.
  • Magnetic Scale for Indexer: The scale which creates indexing accuracy is protected from dirt and oil build up insuring its long life.
  • Nesting Fixtures: Plug-n-play vertical hold-down clamp assemblies allow the operator to perform multiple-piece cutting to increase productivity.
  • Warranty: One-year parts and service subject to the terms and conditions. An optional ten-year warranty is available. DoALL Cut Above 10 Year Warranty


  • Programmable Logic Controller for all machine functions
  • Feed rate/feed force saw head control
  • Infinite band speed controlled variable frequency drive
  • Hydraulic retractable shuttle vice material indexer on chrome rails
  • Rapid and creep speed index vice control
  • Full stroke vices with outboard front vise
  • Variable vice pressure control
  • Vertical hydraulic cylinders with hold down fixtures
  • Hydraulic set, zero clearance, coolant through, carbide faced saw guide inserts with lead in rollers
  • Adjustable power driven band cleaning brushes with coolant flush line attached
  • Halogen work light
  • Electric motor driven movable saw guide arm
  • Blade shock proof device
  • Flushing hose for machine wash down and auxiliary coolant nozzles
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Hydraulic adjustable speed auger design chip conveyor
  • One shot column lubricator
  • Saw band break/stall motion detector shut off switch
  • Band door interlocks
  • Operation and parts manuals on USB stick
  • One 6.5 ft. (2M) idler input conveyor
  • Maintenance tool kit
  • Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids package
ITEM: 27″ Production Bandsaw

Item/Model: DoALL DC-700NC

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