DAKE Variable Speed Floor Drill Press SB-32V


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DAKE Variable Speed Floor Drill Press SB-32V

ITEM: Variable Speed Floor Drill Press
PART# 977400V
  • Modern design with the operator in mind. Available in manual and semi-automatic spindle feed models. Just twist the knob on the frequency inverter to adjust the speed while drilling using the LED indicator for speed readout. Forward and reverse selector switch for tapping applications. For speed range changes use the quick belt tension release feature. Floor models feature a locking handle hub for repeatable depth, CE safety electrical package, a large diameter sturdy spindle, and a massive cast head.
  • A locking handle hub with convenient dial-in adjustment and an easy to read scale for fast, accurate, and repeatable depth setting changes.
  • Large diameter sturdy spindle for rigid drilling has four bearing points for smooth operation.
  • Bench and floor models both have machined table and base surfaces with t-slots for mounting and fixturing.
  • All floor model variable speed models feature a forward and reverse selector switch for tapping applications.
  • Model SB-250V automatically advances to preset depth, bottoms out, and returns automatically.
  • CE safety electrical package features push button on/off switch, emergency stop button, low voltage controls, thermal overload, and interlock safety switch for belt cover.
  • Massive cast head, machined column, and sturdy cast base reduces vibration.
  • Latest frequency inverter technology for easy speed changes and concentrated torque.
  • Handle has 3 spokes with spring return for precise operator control and ergonomic operation.


  • Keyed 5/8” chuck
  • Drift (for bit removal)
  • Plexiglas chip & chuck guard

Item/Model: DAKE MODEL SB-32V, STOCK# 977400V

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