BRAVO Hydraulic Round Elbow Machine

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BRAVO 50 inch Hydraulic Round Elbow Machine

  • Bravo gore locking machine.
  • Make your own elbows….and cost effectively!
  • Consider the Bravo Hydraulic Round Elbow Machine. Two stations on one machine, one for flanging and the other for closing. The machine is always ready to go, No tool change required. Produce standing lock seams and reducers fast, easy and affordable. On par with but a fraction of the cost of the popular brand
  • A great, complementary machine to our Spiral Duct Forming Machine.
ITEM: 50″ Hydraulic Round Elbow Machine
MODEL: Hydraulic Round Elbow Machine

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Bravo duct fabrication equipment is designed to help you produce more, by increasing your fabrication capacity and productivity. Do more, in less time, and with less money! We specialize in HVAC, particularly in sales and maintenance of duct fabrication machinery. Spiral duct forming, rectangular duct lines and elbow machines.