BRAVO 6018 Rectangular Duct Line

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BRAVO 60 inch x 18 ga. Rectangular Duct Line 6018

  • Make blanks, L, U section or full wrapper duct automatically & cost effectively
  • Designed and Built for Reliability and Affordability.
  • AFFORDABLE. Now a CNC rectangular duct line is within the financia! reach of even the smallest HV AC contractor. lt costs less than the contractors new pickup truck and this duct line will pay for itself in labor, material costs and scrap savings in about 10 months (assuming 150,000+ lbs. processed per year)
  • RELIABLE & SUPPORTABLE … anywhere in the world. No matter where it is used in the world, this duct line has been designed to be able to be supported locally. We build the machine with internationally respected and available components. Whether in Dubai or Johannesburg, parts for this machine are available.
  • Fast Payback. lf you produce 150,000 lbs. of duct or more in a year, you can expect the savings in material and labor costs to pay for this machine in 10 months or less.
  • Accuracy. Everything is automatic and precise; servomotor and encoder are better than just using measuring tape.
  • Always ready. The Bravo 6018 Rect Duct Une beats you to work, does not take lunch or breaks.
  • Material Savings. Most users save between 18 and 24% on scrap and as much as 20% with coils.
  • Labor savings = payroll savings. Make duct in a fraction of the time when produced by hand
  • Uncoiling: One carriage with two 6000 lb. x 60″ wide payoff reels, with expandrels
  • Touch Screen CNC Controlled
  • Automatically Feeds off the Coil
  • Straightens, Beads, Notches (S&Drive, TDC and TDF)
  • Shears and Brakes to Half Sections or Full Wrapper Duct
  • Major components include (all well known, respected and available anywhere in the world):
    • PLC: Panasonic
    • Electrics: Schneider or Siemens
    • Rotary Encoder: Nemicon (Japanese)
    • Bearings: Torrington, SKF or Koyo
    • Hydraulics: Huade (Taiwan)
    • Servo motor: Yaskawa
    • Touch Screen: Weilun
  • Note: These components were chosen beca use they are internationally known for very good quality and readily available throughout the world. Not only reliable and affordable, but also SUPPORTABLE)
ITEM: 60″ x 18 ga. Rectangular Duct Line
MODEL: 6018

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Bravo duct fabrication equipment is designed to help you produce more, by increasing your fabrication capacity and productivity. Do more, in less time, and with less money! We specialize in HVAC, particularly in sales and maintenance of duct fabrication machinery. Spiral duct forming, rectangular duct lines and elbow machines.