BAILEIGH Dual Miter Band Saw BS-350M


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BAILEIGH Dual Miter Band Saw BS-350M

  • Need to cut at multiple angles in both directions? This dual-mitering band saw has a cast iron head and bow that can swivel 60° right and 45° left
  • 10.5” round capacity at 90°.
  • Runs on 220-volt single-phase power. You can use the dual miter band saw just about anywhere.
  • 2 hp motor, driven by an AC inverter, makes the machine reliable.
  • Direct-drive gearbox saves you the trouble of adjusting pulleys or replacing broken belts!
  • Cast iron head and bow, machined to exacting tolerances, reduce vibration and deliver the straightest, highest quality cuts on the market.
  • 1” blade width.
  • Variable speed control, from 66- 280 fpm, lets you select the speed to suit your material and application.
  • Ball bearing blade guides help you get the blade as close to the material as possible to make accurate cuts, ensuring long blade life.
  • Patented blade tension device, a liquid-filled gauge, makes it easy to check and adjust the tension.
  • Comes standard with a flood coolant system to wash away metal chips and help blades last longer.
  • Modes of operation:
  • Choose between 2 modes of operation, manual or hydraulic descent, depending on your preference and project.
  • Manual descent mode:
    • For small production runs.
    • Perfect for small or medium sized fabricators’ needs.
    • Turn on the machine via a trigger switch in the descent handle.
    • Manually guide the band saw blade through the material.
  • Hydraulic descent mode:
    • For larger production runs.
    • Increases blade life and reduces operator fatigue.
    • Downfeed adjustment for feed pressure.
  • Warranty and support:
  • We cover this horizontal band saw with a 1-year parts warranty.
  • Both the saw and replacement parts are typically in stock for fast deliveries.
  • Includes lifetime technical support by phone. Call up our team of experienced reps any time for troubleshooting or project advice.
ITEM: Dual Miter Bandsaw

Item/Model: BAILEIGH BS-350M

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