AKYAPAK HR-10000 Rope Rotator


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  • Rotate large metal working pieces for better access to welding edges using a Rope Rotator. Easily rotate and position pieces using an endless rope and adjust the height of the piece for convenience to the operator during welding.
  • The Rope Rotator includes housing, rope drive systems, electrical panel and remote controlled operator unit and provides the best structural protection.
  • Operators can easliy rotate the metal pieces clockwise or counterclockwise with well-aligned precision. They can also be moved downward or upward to provide the desired height. A Rope Rotator set comprises of 2 driven units and the number of units can be increased according to the application and weight conditions.
  • Both of the units which constitute the rope rotator set are driven and these two unit can be operated in synchronization or independently. Thus, angular height adjustment of the work piece is enabled.
  • NOTE: Rope Rotator is a machine built with two units. One units weight is half of the total weight at table. Model HR-10000 has no wheels, model HR-2500 has wheels (idle) to move on the ground.


  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length
  • Rope arms angle settings (hydraulic)
  • Safety platform for beam carrying or standing
  • Easy controlling hydraulic power pack
  • Hydromotor for rotation
ITEM: 10 Ton Rope Rotator
MODEL: HR-10000

Item/Model: AKYAPAK HR-10000

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Weight 7718 lbs



Akyapak angle rolls, beam drilling machines and rotators are known for their high reliability, easy operation, and low maintenance. Entry-level operators will enjoy the minimal training requirements.