AKYAPAK CNC Beam Drilling Line 3ADM 1200

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AKYAPAK CNC Beam Drilling Line 3ADM 1200

  • Akyapak has 54th years of experience and engineering expertise in a variety of products. Akyapak’s passion and dedication, which are reflected in every Akyapak machine in the market, to provide premium engineered solutions allow us to be more than your typical machinery manufacturer.
  • FRAMES: The base frame of the machine consists of robust steel profiles and frames of motion axes consist of cast iron. The frame of the machine is designed with FEM simulation and thus mechanical solidity is guaranteed, optimizing suitable material selection, vibration and tension damping, and dimensional stability.
  • SUPERIOR INDEPENDENT SPINDLE MOTION ABILITY IN 3 AXIS: The 3 ADM is equipped with sub-axis (z-axis) that enables independent control of spindles along 500 mm in the length of beam without repositioning it. After making a hole in the beam, there is no need to drive the beam to make another hole in the z-axis. Each spindle can move independently in 3 axes while the beam is stationary. This feature reduces processing time considerably and increases efficiency (approx. 3 times faster than the 2 ADM model).
  • The independent motion ability provides combining operations: While processing one side of the flange, it is possible to perform other operations (drilling, marking, tapping, milling, etc.) independently on the opposing flange and web.
  • ABILITIES: Drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking, layout marking, beam, channel, tube, angle, plate
  • SPINDLE MOTORS: The 3 ADM is equipped with servo motors that provide precise motion and includes 3 high speed 22 kW spindle motors
  • MOVEMENTS: The roller linear guidance system, which provides high rigidity and a load carrying capacity, is used in all internal axis of the frame. This system supports all loads and moments from all directions
  • Accurate positioning and high feed rates are guaranteed with servo motor driven ball screws
ITEM: CNC Beam Drilling Line
MODEL: 3ADM 1200

Item/Model: AKYAPAK 3ADM 1200

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Akyapak angle rolls, beam drilling machines and rotators are known for their high reliability, easy operation, and low maintenance. Entry-level operators will enjoy the minimal training requirements.