ACRA Vertical Step Pulley Milling Machine LCM50SP


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ACRA 9″ x 50″ Vertical Step Pulley Milling Machine LCM50SP

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Acra’s LCM-50 Vertical Step Pulley Milling Machine features the following:
  • Spindle Unit:
    • R8 or NST30 are available.
    • Made from one piece of Ni-Cr alloy steel.
    • Supported by two precision angular contact and one ball bearing to ensure rigidity.
    • Inner taper is hardened and precision grounded.
  • Milling Head Gear and Quill:
    • Harden and grounded spindle, quiet and smooth, free of noise and vibration.
    • Uses dynamically balanced pulleys and precision bearings.
    • 3HP Spindle Motor.
    • Spindles back gear runs in grease packed housing to ensure less fatigue, strength and low noise.
    • Chrome coated and mirror grounded finished quill.
  • Rigid Head Tilting System:
    • The Heaf knuckle is our design patent. This structure greatly increase the stability and rigidity, when the vertical head is titled at any angle, front and back to perform complicated work. There are 6 T-bolts to lock the knuckle to the Ram instead of 3 bolts.
  • Adjustable Backlash Nut:
    • Unique double nuts and backlash adjusting design, contact face enlarged ensuring accuracy over term and easy for backlash adjustment.


  • Quill Heat Treated, Hardened & Chromed
  • One Shot Lubrication
  • Meehanite Casting
  • Chrome Way
ITEM: 9″ x 50″ Vertical Step Pulley Milling Machine

Item/Model: ACRA LCM50SP

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