U.S. INDUSTRIAL USHI-66T-DO Hydraulic Ironworker


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US Industrial


U.S. INDUSTRIAL 66 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker USHI-66T-DO

  • Dual Hydraulic cylinders for two-man operation with two movable foot pedals
  • Five workstations: punch, plate shear, angle shear, rod shear notcher plus brake attachment
  • Punch station has large two-piece gauging table with fence
  • Punch station has quick acting swing-away stripper with 3 inserts
  • Punch station has removable sections for punch leg of channel or I-beam
  • Quick change coupling nut and sleeve for punch
  • Electric backgauge, 3′ long
  • Electrically interlocked safety guard for notching station
  • Magnetic base workstation light
  • Three sets of round punch and die
  • Spare parts and tools
  • *Flat bar shear station – Bar shear gapped for 1/4″ thickness and up. Cutting gauge thickness may require shimming to reduce gap. With squaring arem removed
  • *Rectangular notcher station – Notcher station no gapped for small gauge thickness. Must centerload heavy notches.
  • This model usually special order. See Model USHI66TDOXT for quicker delivery.
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US Industrial

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