U.S. INDUSTRIAL US 10375 Hydraulic Shear


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US Industrial


U.S. INDUSTRIAL 10 ft x 3/8 inch Hydraulic Shear US 10375


  • Material drop/support chute (This device makes it easier to retrieve sheared drops and is normally required by customers) – Included in Price
  • Squaring Arm with inlaid scale, 39”
  • Bolt on table segments.quantity of 3
  • High Carbon, High Chrome Shear Blades
  • Holddowns faced w/antimar neoprene
  • Ball Transfers on Each Table Segment
  • Swing Beam Design
  • Manual Quick Change Blade Gap Adj.
  • Pressure Sensing Hold Downs
  • Squaring Arm, 39” from blade to end
  • Electric Stroke Adjustment
  • Stroke Counter
  • Operator Control Console
  • Frontoperated Power Back Gauge with DRO
  • Shadow Line with LED lighting
  • Blade Guard, Micro Switch Protected
  • Low Noise Gear Pump
  • Hydraulic, Electrical Overload Protection
  • Support Arms Included
  • Automatic Swingup on Back Gauge
  • 6CrW2Si blades for cutting mild carbon steel
ITEM: 10′ x 3/8″ Hydraulic Shear
MODEL: US 10375

Item/Model: U.S. INDUSTRIAL US10375


US Industrial

US Industrial press brakes range in size from 22 tons to 440 tons and bed lengths from 4’ to 13’ with CNC or manual controls. We carry a wide variety of U.S. Industrial Machinery hydraulic press brake models to meet the unique needs of the customers we serve throughout the country.
US Industrial