TIN KNOCKER TK1014 Air Shear


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TIN KNOCKER 10 ft x 14 gauge TK 1014 Air Shear

  • This shear sets a new standard for value in a 10 ft. x 14 ga. Power Shear. It is loaded with truly usable, standard features to include:
  • Manual Front Operated Precision Back Gauge with Digital Readout
  • Telescoping Pull Out Front Sheet Supports
  • Mechanical Front Dumping Rear Sheet Supports
  • Reversible 4 ft. Squaring Arm with Embedded Scale and 3 Drops Stops
  • Scaled Entrance Guides, Both Ends
  • Manual One-Shot Lubrication
  • Two T-Slotted, 24″ Front Support Arms
ITEM: 14 ga. X 10′ Air Shear
MODEL: TK 1014

Item/Model: TIN KNOCKER TK 1014 Air Shear

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Weight 3775 lbs


Tin Knocker

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