STANDARD INDUSTRIAL 150 Ton Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes AB150

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Standard Industrial


STANDARD INDUSTRIAL 150 Ton Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes

  • Standard Industrial is 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.
  • Full-Tonnage Throughout Stroke
  • Typical 30+ Year Lifetime, Plus a Lifetime of Parts and Service Availability
  • Solid, Non-Moveable Lower Beam Substantially More Rigid Than “Bed Level”
    press Brakes
  • +,- .001″ Ram Repeatability
  • Off-center loading Capability
  • The Most Heavy Duty Press Brake Built In The U.S.A.
  • Extremely Heavy-duty lower beams allowing the least amount of deflection.
    Less Deflection = Longer Tool Life = More profitability
  • Precision mechanical in-line depth stop as back-up for any CNC control
  • Single Cylinder Hydra-Mechanical Drive System
  • New Manifold Based Hydraulic System
  • *Contact Sierra Victor Industries if overall heights are critical.
  • *Bed heights can be lowered with full machine pits
  • *Contact Sierra Victor Industries for specifications on other size brakes


  • Easy to read mechanical ram level indicator and simple, precise ram level adjustment
  • Counterbalance valve for punching and blanking to provide minimum shock
  • Mechanical in-line depth stop to set the top limit, the speed change and a micrometer adjustable lower limit for the most precision bends
  • All parts are readily available from your local suppliers-off the shelf parts for a lifetime
  • All parts are listed in the press brake manual with detailed drawings and the original manufacturers part number so you can always find parts for your press brake
  • Hydraulic reservoir with oil filter—Oil is not included
  • Electric disconnect switch with magnetic starter—Simply run your power to the box
  • Full tonnage the entire length of the bed and ram
  • Full tonnage throughout the stroke—Full tonnage is developed anywhere in slow speed
  • Both ends of ram tapped to accept your four way die lifters
  • Incredibly simple and versatile hydraulic and electric controls
  • Spring loaded die clamps for easy, quick die change
  • Ram readily accepts standard or safety tang dies—Can optionally be fitted to accept European tooling
  • Positive single cylinder hydra-mechanical drive system
  • Electric anti-whip control for your operators safety
  • Overload protection to avoid damaging the press brake
  • Shock-less, quite operation
  • Fully adjustable stroke, open height and speed change
  • Extremely heavy duty, rigid, all steel unitized frame
  • Lube fittings at all bearing points
  • All liquid tight electrical components
  • (2) 24″ support/gauging arms
  • Hydraulic pressure tonnage control with gauge
  • Die groove in bed with set screws in front and rear of brake bed
  • Portable 2 hand control station with normal-inch (jog) modes, E-stop and palm buttons
  • All Standard Industrial press brakes are stringently designed to meet O.S.H.A and ANSI B11.3 standards as well come complete with J.I.C. type and U.L. listed electrical components
ITEM: 150 Ton x 8′ – 20′ Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes
MODEL# AB150-8 / AB150-10 / AB150-12 / AB150-14 / AB150-16 / AB150-20

Item/Model: STANDARD INDUSTRIAL AB150-8 / AB150-10 / AB150-12 / AB150-14 / AB150-16 / AB150-20


Standard Industrial

Standard Industrial offers a complete line of 100% U. S. made hydraulic Press Brakes, Shears as well as Four Column, C-Frame and Straight Side presses for traditional and non-traditional production facilities. Machines include 5 Year Hydraulic and Electric Parts Warranty, a 1 Year PLC/CNC Warranty and a 5 Year Limited On-Site Labor Warranty.
Standard Industrial