SHARP V-1 Heavy Duty Vertical Knee Mill

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SHARP 12″ x 58″ Heavy Duty Vertical Knee Mill V-1

  • This model is built for heavy cutting. The boxways on the vertical column and top of base allow extra support to the table under hard machining. The size of the saddle is extra wide to support the table to avoid over hang. The top of the saddle is coated with TURCITE-B for better retention of oil and wear resistant.
  • 12 x 58 ins table, 16 x 40 ins travel
  • Hardened and ground box ways
  • #40 taper, 5 hp spindle motor
  • Digital Variable Speed spindle
  • Power feed table and saddle
  • Motorized rapid knee for easy positioning
  • Digital Variable Speed Head:
    • Easy speed change. Just turn the knob
    • Machine works on Single Phase or 3 phase motor
    • Low voltage control
    • Safety feature includes preventing self-start after power failure of E stop
  • TURCITE-B coating Auto lubrication:
    • The top of the saddle is coated with TURCITE-B for better retention of lubricating oil and protects wearing of the slideways after long term usages.
    • The auto lubrication system delivers oil to all the sliding ways through well placed lubricating channels. The system is designed with back flow valves to prevent oil from flowing back towards the reservoir.
  • Boxways on column and knee:
    • Hardened and ground boxways are designed for the vertical column and the top of the base to offer resistance to the table under heavy machining conditions.
  • Patented Knuckle Head design:
    • The New Patented Knuckled-Head Design prevents the head from slipping. The Sharp mills have a knuckle which uses 6 bolts, 3 each side, fitted into circular T-slots with matching nuts securing them from the outside. It locks the head in place for better accuracy and performance than the old design using only 3 bolts to squeeze the casting to hold the head without the T-slots. (Patent No. 5044054)
  • Better motor shaft support:
    • Roller Bearing Support at the bottom of the motor shaft ensures proper loading, support and alignment of the spindle. It also prevents the distortion of the belts due to tension from long years of milling operation.


  • Power feed table and saddle
  • Motorized rapid knee positioning
  • Coolant System
  • Front and Rear Rubber Way Cover
  • Auto-lube System
  • Rubber Way Cover at back of Saddle
  • Halogen Worklight
ITEM: 12″ x 58″ Heavy Duty Vertical Knee Mill

Item/Model: SHARP V-1

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Weight 4500 lbs



US-based Sharp Industries has been supplying quality machine tools since 1976 including a comprehensive line of manual and CNC mills, lathes, grinders, horizontal band saws, radial arm drills. Machines are manufactured under ISO 9001 certified design and management process.