SCOTCHMAN CPO 275 Manual Ferrous Cold Saw

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SCOTCHMAN 10-3/4 inch Manual Ferrous Cold Saw CPO 275

  • Looking to cut your time in the shop in half? Our CPO 275 circular cold saw features a double self-centering vise to ensure safe, accurate, fast and efficient cuts. The CPO 275’s 10 3/4″ high-speed blade can Miter 90 degrees or 45 degrees to the left or right with a few quick and simple adjustments, and the built-in Miter Locking Device provides a quick, accurate measurement for every cut.
  • Like all Scotchman cold saws, the CPO 275 provides a burr-free, spark-free cut and is accurate within .002/inch.
  • Featuring two cutting speeds (LT 30/60 rpm or HT 60/120 rpm), the CPO 275 also comes with a seven-gallon coolant tank and one gallon of concentrated coolant. If you are looking for a cold saw for sale, the CPO 275 can meet all of your shop’s needs. Pair it with an SG Measuring System to automate the measuring process; simply enter the desired length on the key pad and the stop with automatically move to the correct length. Scotchman cold saws, which are Made in the U.S.A., come standard with a three-year warranty (parts only).
  • LT (Low Turn): designed for solid mild steel solid stainless steel & thick wall pipe
  • HT (High Turn): designed for thin wall tube .060 wall thickness or thinner and non-ferrous material
  • SS (Single Speed): designed for 220v 1ph applications
  • Manual Double Self-Centering Vise Assures Burr-Free Cuts
  • Miter Capabilities 45 degrees Left and 45 degrees Right
  • Operator Controlled Trigger Switch
  • Capable of Slotting
  • Two Cutting Speeds (LT 30/60 rpm OR HT 60/120 rpm)
  • Hardened and Ground Worm and Wheel Gear Box
  • Worm Wheel of Top Quality Bronze
  • Chip Drawer
  • 7 Gallon Coolant Tank with Pump
  • One 10″ Diameter (250 mm) HSS Blade
  • One Blade Wrench
  • One Gallon Concentrated Coolant
  • 230 or 460 Volt/3 Phase Electrics (must specify voltage)
  • Made in USA
ITEM: 10-3/4″ Manual Ferrous Cold Saw

Item/Model: SCOTCHMAN CPO 275

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Scotchman Metal Fabicating Solutions sells 13 models of American-made hydraulic ironworkers; cold saws, pipe notchers, hydraulic presses and measuring tools.