SCOTCHMAN 9012-24M Hydraulic Ironworker

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SCOTCHMAN 90 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker 9012-24M

  • If you are in the medium to large metal fabrication business, the Scotchman 9012-24M hydraulic ironworker will give you the greatest amount of versatility and flexibility on the market today. The Scotchman 9012-24M has a 90-ton Punch Station capable of punching a 1-1/16” hole in 1” thick, 65,000 tensile mild steel. The Flat Bar Shear is 24” wide and is supplied with bar shear blades that can be rotated four times for maximum blade life. The Angle Shear capacity on this machine is 6” x 6” x 1/2”; and like all Scotchman angles shears, it is designed to give a distortion free cut. The 9012-24M hydraulic ironworker has the same large tool table design as the 6509-24M, allowing quick and easy change of optional tooling. Like all Scotchman ironworkers, the 9012-24M is backed by our best-in-the business 3-year warranty!
  • Single Operator, 4 Stations
  • 90 Ton Punch Station (1-1/8″ in 1″)
  • Keyed Punch Ram for Safety
  • 12″ Throat Depth
  • Punch Gauging Table with Fence and Scale
  • Die Holder Complete with 2″ Die Insert
  • Punch Nut with Wrench & Stripper
  • One Round Punch & Die: Max. Dia. 1-1/4″
  • Punch Jog Control
  • Adjustable Electric Stroke Control with Scale
  • Electric Remote Foot Pedal
  • Angle Shear Capacity 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″ at 90°
  • 24″ Flat Bar Shear with 4-Way Reversible Blade (1″ x 8″, 1/4″ x 24″)
  • Shear Table with Miter Fence
  • Tool Table Work Area
  • Slug Receptacle
  • Two-Stage Hydraulic Pump
  • Electrical Box Supplied with Emergency Palm Button and Lock-out Tag-out Accommodations
  • 230/460 volt /3 Phase Electrics (must specify voltage)
  • All Guards Necessary to Comply with ANSI B 11-5 Standards
  • Forklift Accommodations
  • Made in the USA
ITEM: 90 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker
MODEL: 9012-24M

Item/Model: SCOTCHMAN 9012-24M

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Scotchman Metal Fabicating Solutions sells 13 models of American-made hydraulic ironworkers; cold saws, pipe notchers, hydraulic presses and measuring tools.