Saws Double Column Semi-Automatic Band Saws H7SA / H8SA / H12SA

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Saws 20-26″ Double Column Semi-Automatic Band Saws H7SA / H8SA / H12SA

  • Semiautomatic
  • When a heavy duty bandsaw is needed for structural steel look no further than the H7 SA, H8 SA or the H12 SA.
  • Straight cut
  • Double column
  • 5 Degree cant
  • Carbide guides w/ rollers
  • Largest beam capacity
    • H7 SA W24
    • H8 SA W30
    • H12 SA W36
  • Perfectly counter balanced
  • Clamping on both sides of cut
  • Vibration free sawing in a range of interrupted and solid materials
  • All moving components on linear bearing guides Hydraulic blade tension on H8 SA and H12 SA
  • Rear guide is fixed, the outside guide automatically moves close to the cut
  • Capacities shown are max envelope. Each individual cutting job must be considered with regards to type and shape of material, and quantity of pieces per day.


  • One Bi-metal saw blade
  • Low voltage control
  • TEFC 3 phase drive motor
  • Totally enclosed worm gear transmission
  • Full Coolant System
  • Full Blade Guarding
  • Operators Manual Parts List/Schematics
  • Tool kit
ITEM: 20-26″ Double Column Semi-Automatic Band Saws
MODEL: H 7 SA / H 8 SA / H 12 SA

Item/Model: Saws H7SA / H8SA / H12SA


KMT Saws

KMT Saw offers a broad range of metal cutting mitering bandsaws to 50”, circular cold saws to 14" including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models for ferrous cutting applications, high speed circular saws to 14".
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