ROPER WHITNEY SR-3016 Square-to-Round Duct Former


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Roper Whitney


ROPER WHITNEY 16 ga. Square-to-Round Duct Former SR-3016

  • The brand-new SR 3016 Square-to-Round Duct Former from Roper Whitney has revolutionized the way square-to-round transitions are formed. Duct connectors can be made quickly and easily, ensuring production in other areas of your shop is not slowed down while your folder is free for other work.
  • This compact and versatile machine will form a duct fitting in less than two minutes from one piece of metal, with only one joint and no reshaping is required. The SR 3016’s versatility along with its mobility make it ideal on-site or in any HVAC shop
ITEM: 16 ga. Square-to-Round Duct Former
MODEL: SR-3016

Item/Model: ROPER WHITNEY SR-3016

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Weight 150 lbs


Roper Whitney

With the release of powered long folders, Roper Whitney has one of the most comprehensive product line-ups for bending, folding, forming, notching, punching and shearing – designed to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process. Sheet metal brakes are powered by the SYNERGY control system that manages all machine motions with an intuitive interface and real-time bending sequences. SYNERGY also provides easy management of projects and product drawings.
Roper Whitney