PRIMELINE M1014/M1010 Electro-Mechanical Power Shears

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PRIMELINE 10′ x 10-14 gauge Electro-Mechanical Power Shears M1014/M1010

  • Mechanical Power Squaring Shear with Manual Front-Operated Backgauge, Pneumatic Sheet Support Device with Front Return and Material Cart
  • Go-To Power Back Gauge
  • Pneumatic Rear Sheet Support Device with Front Return (returns cut part to front)
  • Material Table/Cart to catch cut parts returned to front of machine
  • Retractable Front Support Arm System
  • Set of high-carbon high-chrome blades
  • Solid, mechanical finger guard/holddown with non-marking pad
  • All steel frame
  • All moving components in maintenance-free bearings
  • 40″ Squaring arm (at left)
  • Virtually noiseless geared brake-motor.
  • Low voltage at the controls.
  • Emergency stop palm button.
  • Single/inching stroke control
  • Movable electric foot control on a trailing lead
  • Operating manual and parts list
  • Electrics for 3/60/220/440.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Machine is single voltage, currently wired for 220 Volt, 3 Phase. Should you require a different voltage, the customer would be responsible for making the changes. We recommend that a licensed electrician be consulted and make any changes necessary. These would include the addition of any transformers or changes to the electrical system related to the main motor.
ITEM: 10′ x 10-14 gauge Electro-Mechanical Power Shears
MODEL: M1014 / M1010

Item/Model: PRIMELINE M1014 / M1010

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Weight 7300 lbs


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