NITTO KOHKI Portable Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine WA-3500

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Nitto Kohki


NITTO KOHKI 1-3/8″ Portable Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine WA-3500

  • Portable magnetic base automatic drilling machine
  • Nitto Kohki’s Atra Ace boosts productivity in the hole drilling industry.
  • Load Sensor: The dual sensing system responds to both drilling and feeding forces on the cutter for the optimum cutting condition.
  • Variable Automatic Feed: The feed speed is continuously monitored and updated proportionally to the load on the cutter.
  • Cycle Stop: After the cut has finished, a detector responds to the reduction in load and both the drill and the feed motor automatically stop.


  • UEA0835-0 pilot pin 5/16″ x 1-3/8″ DOC
  • 3mm allen wrench
  • 8mm x 10mm combination spanner
  • Chip guard assembly
  • Motor side handle
  • Sample cutting fluid
  • Safety chain
  • Molded plastic carrying case
ITEM: 1-3/8″ Portable Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine
MODEL: WA-3500

Item/Model: NITTO KOHKI WA-3500

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Weight 44 lbs


Nitto Kohki

Nitto Kohki has a wide range of unique tools for boring, punching, beveling, and machining. Nitto Kohki’s portable hydraulic and electric machines, couplers and pneumatic hand tools are among the finest precision engineered equipment found today.
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