METAL ACE English Wheel U-Weld Kit MA44F-UW


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Metalace English Wheels


METAL ACE English Wheel U-Weld Kit MA44F-UW

  • Made in the USA
  • This English Wheel U-Weld Kit supplies the components to make your own English wheel, minus the steel tubing. A detailed assembly booklet is provided and the complete kit includes all the key components of the turn-key MetalAce 44F English Wheel. Other kits on the market come with smaller diameter anvil wheels, smaller upper wheel, and require more assembly. But our kit offers our 8″ upper wheel and full set of 3″ wide anvils, plus the screwlift quick-release cam unit is fully assembled. Components proudly made in the USA.
  • Set of 6 lower anvil wheels, 3″ wide x 3″ diameter
  • Upper wheel, 3″ wide x 8″ diameter
  • Upper wheel yoke assembly with axle and spanner
  • Anvil yoke assembly
  • Screwlift quick release cam assembly
  • Set of 4 caster wheels
  • Assembly instruction manual


  • 2.50 R, 3.75 R, 6.00 R, 12.00 R, 24.00 R and Flat lower anvil wheels
  • 8 x 3″ upper wheel
ITEM: MetalAce English Wheel U-Weld Kit

Item/Model: METAL ACE MA44F-UW

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Weight 50 lbs



MetalAce English Wheels and accessories offer choices in leg design and throat depth, a huge selection of anvil wheels, more attention to detail, service second to none, affordable prices, and rigid iron frames as well as many other benefits.
Metalace English Wheels