KALAMAZOO Multi-Position Belt Grinder BG142


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KALAMAZOO Multi-Position Belt Grinder BG142

  • Made in USA
  • BG142 1″ x 42″ belt grinder offers; quick belt change, multiposition head (vertical/ horizontal and anything in between), versatile platen and work table, 6” x 2” 70 duro contact wheel and adjustable work rest.
  • The BG142 is multiposition with a removable platen to allow for slack belt grinding.
  • The BG142 is great for aggressive grinding, beveling, quick and cool metal deburring and or removal, descaling, polishing, finishing and tool sharpening.
  • The high 5400 surface speed allows for quick metal removal with minimal heat!
ITEM: 1″ x 42″ Multi-Position Belt Grinder

Item/Model: KALAMAZOO BG142

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Weight 60 lbs


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