KALAMAZOO K16-18WR Wire Rope Chop Saw


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KALAMAZOO 18″ Wire Rope Chop Saw K16-18WR

  • The K16-18WR 18 inch wire rope chop saw is a straight cut chop saw designed to be on a low portable cart that’s low to the ground so the operator doesn’t have to lift the cable and or steel rope to standard table height which will improve over all productivity.
  • Kalamazoo Industries K16-18WR 18 inch wire rope saw comes equipped with a quick release foot operated chain vise that’s designed to securely hold your your cable in a v-block and yet quickly release your material once you lift your foot off the pedal, 15HP 3PH motor, 1″ spindle flange, mobil cart with locking casters, half moon wheel guard, cast iron saw arm, cast iron trunnion, v-belts, belt guard and magnetic on-off switch.
  • The K16-18WR is available with 20HP 3PH motor (pricing will vary).
  • 15HP 3PH motor.
  • 1 inch spindle arbor.
  • Manual saw arm.
  • Cast iron saw arm.
  • Cast iron trunnion.
  • Magnetic on-off switch.
  • Foot operated chain vise with v-block.
  • Heavy duty mobile cart with locking casters.
  • All parts that Kalamazoo Industries manufacture’s for the 18 inch wire rope cutoff saw are replaceable no matter the age of this unit. All parts are kept in stock.
  • The K16-18WR 18 inch rope saw is used in the following industries: Energy, Wire Cable Factories, Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Companies, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments.
  • This abrasive saw is great for steel cable and and wire rope manufacturers.
ITEM: 18″ Wire Rope Chop Saw

Item/Model: KALAMAZOO K16-18WR

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