KALAMAZOO 1SMV 1×42 in. Abrasive Belt Sander with Enclosed Belt Guard and Vacuum Base


1SM 1 inch abrasive belt sander unit is great for general de-burring, lite metal removal, and clean up work after you finish running your parts in your CNC lathe/mill.

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Kalamazoo Industries


  • Tackle any sanding or deburring task with ease using the powerful Kalamazoo Industries 1SMV Belt Sander. The built-in industrial vacuum collection system helps to keep your work area cleaner. Get professional-grade results with one machine.
  • Motor specifications: 1/3HP 1PH 115V motor
  • Belt size: 1″ x 42″
  • Toggle on/off sander switch
  • Toggle on/off vacuum switch
  • Steel idler pulley with sealed ball bearings
  • Removable and adjustable (0 to 45 deg.) steelwork table
  • Adjustable and removable steel platen
  • Easy belt tracking
  • Belt tracking knob and collar
  • Pre set spring belt tension
  • Steel construction
  • Built-in vacuum collection system in the base with removable steel tray
  • Replaceable cloth filter
  • Dust collector shipping dimensions: L12″ x W14″ x H32″
  • Shipping Dimensions: L 20″ x W 20″ x H 37″
  • Made IN USA!

Sander And Vacuum Benefits

    • Keeps your work area clean
    • Powerful motor for fast sanding
    • Adjustable work table for precise sanding
    • Spring belt tension for accurate tracking
    • Removable and adjustable platen for different sanding applications
    • Dust collector with a filter that will help to keep a cleaner work environment
    • Easy to replace parts
    • Steel construction for durability

Material Compatibility

    • Wood: Softwoods, hardwoods, plywood, MDF.
    • Metal: Steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more.
    • Plastic: ABS, PVC, nylon, polycarbonate.

Sanding Forms

    • Bevel: Creating angled edges becomes a walk in the park.
    • Deburring: Say goodbye to sharp edges from cutting or machining.
    • Squaring: Precise 90-degree angles? This sander delivers.
    • Corner: Rounding corners is no sweat with this master of curves.
    • Blending: Seamless transitions between surfaces are its forte.
    • Finishing: Polishing to a desired level of smoothness is in its repertoire.
    • Material: Removing rust, paint, or glue – this sander cleans up surfaces like a pro.
    • Metal: Shaping and smoothing metal for fabrication is in its DNA.
    • Slack Belt: Curved surfaces and contours meet their match in this flexible friend.
    • Sharpening: Revitalize knives, chisels, and other tools with ease.
    • Edging: Crisp, defined edges are its specialty.
    • Dressing: Removing unwanted material and prepping surfaces for further processing is no problem.

Belt Size: 1 x 42 in.
Motor: 1/3HP 1PH 115V motor
Belt Speed: 1,800 SFPM
Work table size: 3 W x 3 D in.
Platen work area: 1-⅞ W x 5-⅞ H in.
Dust collector CFM: 100 CFM
Sander shipping dimensions: L 12 x W 17 x H 28 in.
Dust collector shipping dimensions: L 20 x W 20 x H 37 in.
Sander shipping weight: 35 lbs.
Dust collector shipping weight: 65 lbs.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

5X878 replacement dust collector filter
560-018 steel idler pulley
560-017 drive pulley
KB14250 1″ x 42″ 50 grit sanding belt
KB142080 1″ x 42″ 80 grit sanding belt
KB142100 1″ x 42″ 100 grit sanding belt

Additional information

Weight 95 lbs


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