KALAMAZOO A1 Universal 5C Index Fixture


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KALAMAZOO A1 Universal 5C Index Fixture

  • Takes 4″ universal chuck- 3- or 6- jaw or 5C collets; 3 jaw, (not included) #3434 chuck.
  • The most versatile accessory for your shop
  • Head can be angled from 0 deg. to 100+ deg.
  • Indexes quickly and easily, spindle locks in positive position.
  • Changing index rings gives numerous combination of divisions.
  • Can be dismantled in seconds for easy cleaning.
  • For drill presses, milling machines, grinders and layout work.
  • With 24 Space ringless lock
  • Spindle locks with index pin and/or horseshoe rings at rear of spindle.
  • Universal indexer with 24 space ring
  • 5C Collet taper in spindle nose.
  • A1 5C Collet Index Fixture
  • Made in USA!
ITEM: Universal – Indexer & Accessories

Item/Model: KALAMAZOO A1

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