JLH H-12PRO 12 in. Column Type Heavy-Duty Fully Automatic Bandsaw


JLH Saws H-12PRO is a rigid column-type production bandsaw machine.
6.7 HP motor drives an extremely heavy-duty direct drive gearbox.
PLC controlled color type touch screen display. The JLH Saws control allows for programming up to 100 jobs, consisting of a length and part count.



  • JLH Saws H-12PRO is a rigid column-type production bandsaw machine. The H12PRO has a massive, engineered base with a strong saw frame. Additionally, a 6.7 HP motor drives an extremely heavy-duty direct drive gearbox. The JLH Saws control allows for programming up to 100 jobs…consisting of a length and part count. Equipped with the JLH Saws exclusive “Intelligent Sawing System”, JLH Saws controls blade speed, feed rate and feed pressure to provide optimum cutting performance and superior blade life.
  • The saw is constructed buy laser cutting the various component parts to exacting tolerances. They are then welded in place by state-of-the-art robotic welders in our welding cells. Using robots allow for precise, strong and consistent welds. This is just another way JLH Saws provide the upmost in quality and precision.
  • Consistent accurate tensioning is provided by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • The shuttle vise system travels on two large ground and chromed columns. The main bed of the saw is a combination of rollers and plate type bed. Vises are double retracting with hardened wear plates installed. Overhead clamps are included in the productivity package. Upright rollers fill out this complete package.
  • Accurate & fast positioning are accomplished through a magnetic scale. One advantage to this type a measuring is that the scale can be placed out of the coolant area and completely protected.
  • Unlike many bandsaw manufacturers that use a worm and gear type gearbox; JLH Saws uses a highly efficient spiral bevel gear and cylindrical gear combination reducer. The drive motor has a direct connection to the gear box eliminating the need for costly belt replacements. Drive motor is inverter controlled.
  • A large coolant tank ensures excellent working conditions for the saw blade and work piece. Electrical coolant pump provides continuously circulation during the cutting process. The saw can also be equipped with a micro-spray coolant system (MQL). The MQL system has fully adjustable coolant time & volume on it for easy control by any operator. The chip conveyor is a hollow core style controlled by a hydraulic motor.
  • All JLH Saws use a modern and logical hydraulic system. Using the highest quality world class components for years of reliable operation. the solenoid valve base is made of aircraft grade aluminum for better heat dissipation and ease of maintenance.
  • JLH Saws Control provides latest in PLC based control technology. JLH Saws Control controls are programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. The control automatically compensates for kerf loss after data input and requires no manual calculation of number of times to index. The control also automatically shutdowns the machine, blade motor, and hydraulics, once the programmed number of cuts or out of stock situation has been achieved. The system includes an error feedback function enabling rapid troubleshooting through an error code to be displayed in the event of a malfunction.
  • JLH Saws Control Features include:
    • 10″ Touch screen
    • PLC controller
    • 100 individual jobs can be programmed and stored
    • Stored program(s) may be easily recalled and executed at will.
    • Blade Speed Display
    • Optional Blade Deviation Detection monitor can be controlled directly from Touch Screen
    • Automatic Kerf Loss Compensation & Automatic Multiple Indexing up to 999”
    • Error Code Display Provides simplified self-diagnostics.
  • The operator’s control station is ergonomically located on the front side of the saw. It is convenient and user friendly. All operator controls are positioned on the control station and clearly labeled for ease of operation.
  • The intelligent sawing system is completely developed JLH Saws. With “constant sawing force” as its core principle, the system monitors blade stress condition in real time and adjusts feeding speed continuously and at optimum rates. This system prolongs blade life and improves sawing efficiency.
  • All electrical cabinets are built to international standards. They are well laid out, wired neatly and labeled for ease of repair.
  • Fully automatic column type bandsaw
  • Servo electric feed rate and feed pressure controls
  • Magnetic scale measurement system
  • 10″ color touch screen HMI
  • PLC controlled color type touch screen display
  • Heavy duty, spiral bevel gear and cylindrical gear combination reducer
  • Head descends on a ground and chromed over-sized column
  • Intelligent Sawing System for faster cutting and prolonged blade life
  • 100 programs to save the all parameters for cutting the same material again
  • ± (0.005”) cutting length precision for straight cut
  • Coolant tank with electric pump for blade lubrication and cooling
  • Micro spray lubrication system available for saw blade
  • Automatic lubrication system for linear guides and rotating head


Maximum Cutting Capacity
12.2 in.
12.2 x 12.2 in.
7.5 x 12.2 in. (310 x 190 mm)
Saw Blade
32.8-330 SFPM (10~100 m/min)
162.0 x 1.250 x 0.042 in.
(4115 x 34 x 1.1mm)
Hydraulic Controlled
Motor Output
Saw Blade
6.7 HP
1.5 HP
0.12 HP
Oil Tank Capacity
Hyd. Oil
15.9 Gal
23.8 Gal
220V / 3-phase / 60Hz
Single Speed Stroke
19.7 in.
Bed Height
26.220 in.
Machine Weight
3,748 lbs.
Machine Measurement (LxWxH)
89 x 91 x 61 in.
Drive and Idle Wheel Size
φ 17.7 in.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

3 YEAR WARRANTY – Mechanical Parts
2 YEAR WARRANTY – Electrical Parts

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