JET JBGM-8 Shop Bench Grinder w/Multitool Attachment JT9-577107

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JET JBGM-8 Shop Bench Grinder with Multitool Attachment JT9-577107

  • The Multitool Attachment is the perfect complement to the JET 8-inch Shop Bench Grinder. Maximizing productivity, the multitool attachment includes a 7-inch disc wheel, flat belt, free strap, and rubber contact wheel and can be operated in either the horizontal or vertical position.
  • Cast Iron Guard house the 36 Grit Wheel
  • Adjustable Cast Iron Tool Rest
  • Massive Cast Iron Body
  • Totally Enclosed Pre-Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • Cast iron wheel guarding with Safety shield on the left and sheet metal guard on the belt
  • Rubber Mounts Prevent Movement
  • Top platen on Belt can be used for straightening or longer edges
  • Four grinding surface on the Multi-Tool and the front contact wheel has a serrated surface for deburring as well as grinding along with a grinding wheel for sharpening and grinding
  • With a quick change of the belt the Operator can go from grinding to polishing in seconds
  • The Multitool grinder can be changed to the vertical position for added versatility


  • Large Eye Shield with Quick Adjustments
  • Adjustable Tool Rest
  • Fine Vertified Grinding Wheel
  • Single Dust Chute Hose
ITEM: 8″ Shop Bench Grinder with Multitool Attachment
PART# JT9-577107

Item/Model: JET JBGM-8, PART# JT9-577107

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