JET J-4002 1×42 Bench Belt and Disc Sander JT9-577003


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JET J-4002 1 x 42 Bench Belt and Disc Sander, JT9-577003

Every shop needs a combination Sander capable of delivering premium finishes every time. The JET-J4002 is a powerful and versatile machine, preforming the work of a jig saw, coping saw or hand file removing material and creating a superior finish at the same time. Deluxe miter gauge, removable platen and cast iron construction are among the features that draw pros to this JET machine.

ITEM: 1″ x 42″ Bench Belt & Disc Sander
MODEL: J-4002
PART# JT9-577003

Item/Model: JET? J-4002, PART# JT9-577003

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Weight 62 lbs



JET Tools manufactures a wide range of premium metalworking machines for sawing, grinding and finishing, metal forming, milling, air filtration, drilling and lathes. For decades, professionals have turned to JET Tools machinery as their first and last choice.
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