JET ESN-40 Electric Schedule 40 Pipe Notcher JT9-754420


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JET ESN-40 Electric Schedule 40 Pipe Notcher, JT9-754420

  • The JET Electric Pipe Notcher provides fast and clean 90° notches in schedule 40 pipes to maximize productivity. The 220-volt single-phase machine is designed to for durability and ease of operation.
  • Designed to Notch Schedule 40 Pipe all day long
  • CSA/US: Folloing strict guidelines and electrical requirements, this JET Notcher is CSA/US certified
  • Magnetic Switch for Low Voltage Motor Protection
  • Safety Guarding surrounding all notching dies
  • Insert the end of the pipe, notch one side, rotate pipe 180°, reinsert to notch the other side
  • Replacement dies available in wide range of sizes
  • Benchtop mounting fits on almost any bench in your shop
ITEM: Electric Pipe Notcher
PART# JT9-754420

Item/Model: JET JT9-754420

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