JET EMN-9 Hydraulic Sheet Metal Notcher JT9-754410


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JET EMN-9 Hydraulic Sheet Metal Notcher, JT9-754410

  • With a fixed 90° cutting angle, the JET Hydraulic Notcher delivers corner cuts like no hand tools can. Users may notch up to 9-gauge sheet metal up to 50 strokes per minute. The 7-3/4” blades can be re-sharpened repeatedly to improve lifespan and save costs.
  • Strong casted head for years on use
  • Rigid sheet metal stand helps hold accuracies of the cut
  • CSA/CUS: Folloing strict guidelines and electrical requirements, this JET Notcher is CSA/CUS certified
  • Blades are guarded to protect the operator
  • Emergency stop on both the machine and the foot pedal for quick stoppage of the machine
  • Blades can we reshapened and prolonged life
  • Enclosed cabinet with storage shelf
  • Table guides with quick locking handles
ITEM: 9 ga. Hydraulic Sheet Metal Notcher
PART# JT9-754410

Item/Model: JET JT9-754410

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