GMC HPB-7006CNC-3R 70 Ton x 6 ft CNC Press Brake w/3-Axis


GMC HPB-7006CNC-3R 3-Axis CNC Press Brake has a Maximum pressure of 70 Tons and a 6 foot bending length capacity.
ESA (Italy) Model 630, 3 Axis CNC Graphic Controller X, R, and Y. Store 1000’s of programs.
Full Length Gooseneck Punch HRC 50.
Full Length Vee Die with 7 assorted sizes HRC 50.


  • Our 70 ton press brake are equipped with a three axis ESA Control. This is a Taiwan quality machine, designed in the USA. With it’s rugged steel framework, quality hydraulic and electronic components, makes this press brake a great addition to any shop.
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Meet OSHA and CE safety standard
  • ESA (Italy) Model 630, 3 Axis CNC Controller
  • Die library, offline programming, stores thousands of programs
  • Programmable Angle/ Angle Correct
  • 10” Touch screen
  • 3 Axis CNC Graphic Controller
  • Y axis Ram with high precision linear encoder
  • X servo Back gauge
  • R programmable Back gauge height
  • Line by line coding
  • 2D Graphic Drawing Mode
  • Bend Sequence Optimization for collision detection
  • Spread Length Calculation
  • Germany Rexroth hydraulic system
  • Yaskawa Servo motor and Drives
  • Schneider electrical components
  • All steel construction for maximum rigidity
  • Hydraulic logic system centrally located and quiet
  • Safety type foot pedal with handle and E-stop switch
  • Safety 24V low voltage & overload protection
  • One year industrial warranty for parts
  • DISCLAIMER: Please note this machine is incompatible with the use of a rotary phase converter. Any attempt to purchase, install, or employ one, whether carried out by you or a professional service company, will automatically void the warranty. It is crucial to understand that any such actions are entirely the responsibility of the buyer.
  • This disclaimer is intended to clearly convey that the utilization of a rotary phase converter to power or operate this machine is not supported.


  • ESA (Italy) Model 630, 3 Axis CNC Controller
  • (2) 24″ front support arms, Quick Release for easy positioning
  • Quick release segmented (American Style Tooling) punch holder
  • Full Length Gooseneck Punch HRC 50 (Punch is rated for 10 gauge and lighter .062” radius punch) Additional Tooling may be required for thicker materials and purchaser’s specific products/parts – Ask your dealer for custom tooling quotes)
  • Full Length Vee Die with 6 assorted sizes HRC 50
  • Lntech Light Curtain System
  • Side and Back Safety Fence
  • Movable Foot Pedal with Estop meet OSHA safety standard

Maximum pressure: 70 Tons
Bending length capacity: 80″ (6′ 8″)
Distance between uprights (housing): 63″
Ram Stroke travel: 6″
Cylinder travel adjustment, max: 3-1/8″
Table width: 6″
Distance between table and ram: 15-1/4″
Max stacked tooling height: 8-1/2″
Throat Depth: 10″
Back Gauge Distance: 24″
Back Gauge Repeatability: .0039″
Y Axis Repeatability: .0039″
Approach speed, inch / second: 3.14″
Working speed , inch / second: 0.35″
Return speed , inch / second: 2.36″
Main motor: 7-1/2 HP, 3-phase, 208V or 220V (please specify)
Servo motor for back gauge: 1 HP, 220V or 208V, 3-phase
Servo motor for bending angle setting
1/2 HP, 220V or 208V, 3-phase
Amperage draw: 30 Amp
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 52 Gal.
Recommended Oil: Hydraulic oil Shell# 68HD
Machine weight: 8,650 lbs.
Machine size, L x W x H: 103 x 63 x 87 in.
Machine shipping dimensions: 109 x 66 x 98 in.


  • For ¼” tooling: Need single V die holder ……… for pricing
  • 4’ of punch and 2.5” single V Die , Flame hardened with safety tang….. call for pricing
  • On-site training, one day………….. call for pricing

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

Additional information

Weight 8650 lbs
Dimensions 109 × 66 × 98 in


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