GMC DB-60A 2 in. Hydraulic Rotary Draw Bender


The GMC DB-60A hydraulic rotary Draw Bender is easy to use and has an incredible capacity of 2” tube with .12” wall thickness and 1-1/2” schedule# 40 pipe.
1-1/2 HP motor, 220VAC, Single Phase.
This machine is made in Taiwan.
Comes with deluxe stand.


  • Taiwan Machine
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • NC-control for bending angle adjustment
  • LED degree indicator with automatic stop programming, to get as true reading of bending degree.
  • Up to 50 jobs memory; each job program contains 9 steps
  • Counter roller holder comes standard with quick adjustment
  • This easy to use hydraulic tube draw bender has an incredible capacity of 2” tube with .12” wall thickness and 1-1/2” schedule# 40 pipe
  • 1-1/2 HP motor, 220VAC, Single Phase
  • Quick tooling changes
  • With deluxe stand
  • One year warranty for parts

Minimum CLR: 1/2″
Minimum OD: 1/4″
Solid Rod, mild steel: 1″
Round Tube, mild steel (wall thickness): 2” (.125”)
Round Pipe, mild steel, schedule 40: 1-1/2″
Round Tube, SS steel (wall thickness): 1-1/2”(.125”)
Round Pipe, SS steel, schedule 40: 1-1/4″
Aluminum round Tube (wall thickness): 2” (3/16”)

Maximum centerline Radius: 6-1/2” CRL
LED programming: 50 job memory
Main Motor: 1.5HP, 220V,1phase
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 9 x 51 in.
Weight: 327 lbs.

DB-60A-1T: 1” Tube die set
DB-60A-114T: 1-1/4” Tube die set
DB-60A-112T: 1-1/2” Tube die set
DB-60A-2T: 2” Tube die set
DB-60A-1P: 1” Pipe die set
DB-60A-114P: 1-1/4” Pipe die set
DB-60A-112P: 1-1/2” Pipe die set

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

Additional information

Weight 327 lbs


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