ERBEND MFAS 3230 Combi CNC Servo Folder

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ERBEND 10 ft x 11 ga. Combi CNC Servo Folder MFAS 3230

  • AC Motors for Y Axis Folding Beam
  • SERVO Motoirzed Drives: X, A, Z, (Clamping, Folding Adj., Back Gauge) SEW EURO DRIVE AC Control C Axis (Clamping Rotation)
  • 9.84” Clamping Beam Open Height (without tools)
  • Servo Folding Beam Adjustment A Axis (80mm)
  • Manual Crowning System
  • Heavy Duty Fingers with machined Bottom Beam finger pockets
  • 59″ (1500mm) CNC Servo Back Gauge Gauge
  • 4.72” hight goats foot tools Sharp Nose station 1, R1 or 20 Deg. Sharp nose clamping beam tools on Station 2.10mm & 25mm & 35mm Folding Beam Tools
  • ERFOLD CNC Lıne By Line Control on Swivel Arm
  • Low Profile Horziontal Light Guards


  • Dual SEW Eurodrive 4kw AC Motors- X Axis Folding Beam
  • Servo Motor Drives for Y, Z, A, (Clamp, folding Adj., back gauge)
  • C Axis Clamping Beam Rotation SEW Euro Drive
  • ERFOLD Basic CNC Softwarewith 15.6” Touch Screen Controller
  • Radius bending and hemming function
  • COMBI CLAMPING BEAM with 2 Programable Tooling Stations
  • Clamping Beam Opening Height 250mm (without Tools)
  • 120mm High Goats Foot Tools on Station 1
  • 30° – R1.5 Sharp nose clamping beam tools on Station 2
  • Folding Beam Tools: 68/10mm-68/25mm-68/35mm
  • Servo Motorized Folding Beam Adjustment 80mm (A Axis)
  • Mechanical Crowning System
  • 6mm-1300mm Servo Motorized Back Gauge sheet support table w/ Casters
  • Front Light Barriers
  • LED Function Lights as Red, Green, and Blue
  • Emergency Switched Foot pedal with 3 Stations
  • EU Safety Light Curtains
  • Feather grooves and solid lower beam without channels
ITEM: 10′ x 11 ga. Combi CNC Servo Folder

Item/Model: ERBEND MFAS 3230

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Standing out with its expertise on single station and combi up-down Sheet Metal Folding Machines, Erbend also manufactures metal cutting machines as a complement to sheet metal folding.
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