EDWARDS Hole Saw Tube/Pipe Notcher ED9-HS1000


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EDWARDS Hole Saw Tube/Pipe Notcher ED9-HS1000

  • The Edwards Hole Saw Notcher is designed to take the guess work out of fabricating round tube or pipe. A must-have for any fabricator, our Hole Saw Notcher features a large capacity vise, multiple alignment tools and a powerful 3/4 HP motor to handle any notching project.
  • Multi-positional vise provides 360° rotation for maximum notching range
  • Vise capable of offset notching with up to 3/4 of vertical movement
  • Compatible with most commercially available hole saws
  • Integrated drawer is perfect for tool storage or extra Hole Saws
  • Multiple scales and alignment guides make repeatable notching simple
  • Safety guarding protects all moving parts
  • ITEM: Hole Saw Tube/Pipe Notcher
    MODEL: ED9-HS1000

    Item/Model: EDWARDS ED9-HS1000

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    Weight 220 lbs



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