DAKE Semi-Automatic Cold Saw SUPER 350SA


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DAKE 14″ Semi-Automatic Cold Saw SUPER 350SA

ITEM: 14″ Semi-Automatic Cold Saw
PART# 974355
  • These Technics and Super Technics Cold Saws have push button or foot switch activation, an oversized pedestal base, shroud enclosed feed cylinder, adjustable pneumatic vise, removable, serrated vise jaw faces and an adjustable clutch. Variable speed controlled by a frequency inverter increases the material cutting range.
  • Push button or foot switch activation to avoid operator fatigue.
  • Shroud enclosed feed cylinder with sliding cams for fast cutting stroke adjustment.
  • Additional ball bearing support of hardened and ground spindle shaft to prevent failure.
  • Adjustable pneumatic vise with sliding gib to true up clamping under blade with 1/4 stroke.
  • Adjustable clutch for more efficient operation and longer blade life
  • Oversized pedestal base to reduce vibration.
  • Head rotates 45º right and 60º left of center for easy miter cutting.
  • Bronze worm gear with tapered roller bearing support.
  • Removable hardened, serrated vise jaw faces.


  • Blade
  • Adjustable positive stop
  • Instruction and service manual
  • Gallon of coolant
  • Tool kit for changing blades
  • Saw blade selector calculator

Item/Model: DAKE MODEL: SUPER 350SA, STOCK# 974355

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Weight 890 lbs



Since 1887, Dake has been a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic and arbor presses,  bandsaws, cold saws, drill presses, and laboratory presses.
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