COLE-TUVE 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine 4R HSL 10-130

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COLE-TUVE 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine 4R HSL 10-130

  • Four-roll design and construction. Compact design for minimal floor space
  • Welded, all-steel, heavily proportioned, thermally stressed-relieved frame and drop end
  • Rolls shafts journaled in radial bearings
  • Induction-hardened SAE 1050 steel bars, hardened to 58-60 Rockwell C are used for the rolls. Rolls are precisely machined with crowning to compensate for deflection under load.
  • Fully hydraulic.
  • Two-roll drive. The upper and lower central rolls are driven from a central hydraulic system, equipped with overload protection, by a hydraulic motor through a planetary gearbox. The lower roll is coupled to the top roll by a cardan joint system with gears – to provide rotation that ensures the material is appropriately secure throughout the bending process.
  • The lower central roll and the two side bending rolls are hydraulically and individually adjustable and tiltable.
  • Each side roll is adjustable hydraulically and independently to provide double pre-bending; therefore, each end of the workpiece can be prebent and then rolled with only one insertion of the workpiece into the machine.
  • Linear movement of the side rolls with hydraulic pistons
  • Dual rolling speeds
  • Hydraulic balancing system for rolls parallelism
  • Robust drop end, hydraulically operated
  • Controls for all functions and electronic digital readouts in a rolling console
  • Cone bending attachment is standard equipment; and the side rolls can be tilted for more effective cone rolling, after which they can be easily paralleled for normal bending.
  • 3-Electronic digital readouts (LED) for the positions of the side rolls and the lower roll, each with programmable roll position pre-set and memory
  • Components are from world-renowned sources
  • Pre-arranged for easy retro-fit of overhead and side support devices if required after machine has been put into operation
  • Built according to stringent European standards for design, production and quality and bearing the CE-Mark of certification
ITEM: 3′ x 1/4″ 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine
MODEL: 4R HSL 10-130

Item/Model: COLE-TUVE / SAHINLER 4R HSL 10-130


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