BAILEIGH Plate Roll PR-609


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BAILEIGH Plate Roll PR-609

  • Sometimes you need just a little more than 4’ roll forming material. This is where the PR-609 shines. The PR-609 sheet metal roller has a maximum 6′ forming width, which can roll up to 9 gauge mild sheet steel. All functions of this machine are hydraulically controlled for increased durability, reliability and efficiency. The industrial grade hydraulic system is run off of a 3 hp 220 volt three phase motor. This is more than enough to handle the 9 gauge capacity all day long. The back roll on the PR-609 sheet metal roller is also controlled by the hydraulic system and has a digital position indicator, so the operator knows exactly where the roll is at all times.
  • The PR-609 is built to last like all Baileigh Industrial sheet metal rollers. It has a fully integrated plate steel frame. This setup keeps the forming rolls perfectly in alignment during the bending process. The PR-609’s top roll has a very simple release mechanism to release work that has been wrapped around the top roll.
  • The PR-609 also has a foot pedestal to control some bending functions; forward, reverse, up, and down. For operator safety we have included dual emergency stop cables that are located on both the back and front of the machine.
ITEM: 6′ x 9 ga. Plate Roll
MODEL: BA9-1006577

Item/Model: BAILEIGH BA9-1006577

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