BAILEIGH Metal Forming Shrinker Stretcher MSS-14H


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BAILEIGH Metal Forming Shrinker Stretcher MSS-14H

  • Unique on the market, our patented* hydraulic shrinker stretcher lets you shape thick sheet metal at amazing speeds. Foot pedal operation and magnetic tooling also save you time.
  • This Baileigh shrinker stretcher is made in the USA.
  • 14 gauge mild steel and 12 gauge aluminum capacity.
  • Runs on 110-volt single-phase power, so you can use it anywhere.
  • 7” throat enables you to work deep into a piece of sheet metal.
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic system drives 30 to 40 strokes per minute.
  • Hydraulic downstroke delivers greater power than a manual model could, while the air pressure-assisted upstroke moves faster.
  • Foot pedal control allows for hands-free operation.
  • Comes standard with a set of 4 quick-change magnetic jaws.
  • You can switch between shrinking and stretching in seconds simply by turning the jaws around.
  • Turn the wheel on top of the shrinker stretcher to adjust the jaw gap.
  • Solid plate steel frame gives the machine enough structural strength to stay accurate at maximum capacity for many years.
  • We cover this metal shrinker stretcher machine1-year parts warranty.
  • You can depend on lifetime technical support by phone from our team of reps, all with hands-on machine experience.
  • Shrinker stretcher arrives fully assembled. Just plug it in and go.
  • Replacement jaws and other parts are in stock, so we can ship them to you without delay.
  • Save money by sending the jaws to us for resurfacing. No need to buy new jaws every time they wear down!
  • Recommended for: Any automotive, aeronautical, or metalworking shop that does a lot of shrinking and stretching and needs to work with thick material.
  • Note: To run the MSS-14H, you’ll need an air compressor, available at most hardware stores. The size of the compressor depends on how often you plan to use the machine.
  • *Patent #9,021,849
ITEM: 14 ga Metal Forming Shrinker Stretcher


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