BAILEIGH LP-48 Louver Press


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BAILEIGH 48″ x 16 ga. Louver Press LP-48

  • Louvers have long been a staple of the metal forming industry for both form and function, but until now most louver machines have been designed for other purposes and adapted for louver making. The LP-48 changes that. It is a stand alone, no compromise louver making animal.
  • 7-ton capacity.
  • 48” throat depth.
  • 16 ga mild steel capacity.
  • Controlled by piston-style hydraulic pump.
  • Includes 3″ louver assembly.
  • Pressure gauge comes standard.
  • Plate steel structure withstands the machine’s full force without flexing.
  • 110 volt power
  • Baileigh covers this hydraulic workshop press with a 1-year parts warranty as well as lifetime technical support by phone.
ITEM: 48″ x 16 ga. Louver Press

Item/Model: BAILEIGH BA9-LP48

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Weight 1415 lbs



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