BAILEIGH Hydraulic Roll Bender R-H65


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BAILEIGH Hydraulic Roll Bender R-H65
  • This hydraulic roll bender offers the speed and strength of a double-pinch ring roller without the high cost of a CNC model.
  • This pipe bender runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Maximum capacity of 2” schedule 40 pipe.
  • Double-pinch bending rolls with 1 fixed top roll and 2 bottom rolls operate on independently-controlled hydraulic cylinders.
  • You can input bend patterns from the convenient programmable controller podium.
  • Foot pedals let you run the roller forward or in reverse.
  • Hydraulic encoders communicate the exact position of each roll.
  • Digital readout helps you make elaborate, repeatable series of bends without difficulty.
  • Rigid electro-welded heavy steel plate frame prevents flex at full capacity.
  • Baileigh covers this hydraulic pipe bender with 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support by phone.
  • Why choose the Hydraulic Roll Bender R-H65 over similar machines?
  • Few roll benders on the market can match the robust steel construction of the R-H65, which will maintain accuracy over many years of use.
  • Double-pinch design allows for pre-bending and post-bending of material, saving production time and decreasing material waste.
  • You can check the digital readout to deliver uniform, precise results for extended runs of complex parts.
  • Comes standard with a set of segment rolls for bending many shapes and profiles.
  • If your application requires specialized tooling, we carry a range of easy-to-apply roll options and can make custom sets.
  • With Baileigh’s after-sale support, you can call our team of experienced representatives anytime for troubleshooting or application advice.

ITEM: Hydraulic Roll Bender

MODEL: BA9-1006840

Item/Model: BAILEIGH BA9-1006840

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